229 Bulls to Sell Friday 12th August

On Friday 12th August at 12noon, Booroomooka Angus Stud celebrates 91 years of breeding!! This long term commitment gives buyers a Quality choice of proven, predictable bulls.

High Quality sons of Industry Leading Sires are to sell.  Featuring  40 sons of Ayrvale Bartel E7, who is in the top 1% of the breed for Calving Ease, Fertility and Marbling. This,  with his good growth and muscle puts him in the top 1% for $ Profitability in all four Breeding Indexes.

35 sons of Booroomooka Galileo G501 are to sell. Galileo produces lovely quiet calves, that have low birth weight and explosive growth.

You have a quality choice !! - Including sons of

Ayrvale Bartel E7 (HIOE7)                  40 sons

Booroomooka Galileo (NGMG501)    35 sons

Lawsons Novak (VLYE313)                  21 sons

KC Haas GPS (USA15848590)              23 sons

Booroomooka Inspired (NGME124)   26 sons

VAR Reserve (USA16916944)             17 sons

SAV Thunderbird (USA16396499)       12 sons

Tuwharetoa Regent (BNAD145)         11 sons

Booroomooka Genius (NGMG120)     11 sons

You have a quality choice of 229 Bulls - all of which have the backing of

  • 91 Years of Breeding a Resilient Cow Herd run under Commercial Conditions
  • Honesty, Integrity never compromised
  • Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  • Independent Accredited Structural Assessment
  • Vaccinated for Vibriosis and 7 in 1
  • Tested PI Free (pesti virus)
  • Angus Assured Catalogue
  • Progeny Recognition in the market place
  • Bulls Ready to work for You !

If you would like a printed catalogue or have any questions please send us an email or phone Sinclair Munro  ph 02  67236622