New Zealand Visit

On 18th March we had a friendly visit of 42 New Zealand cattle producers, organised by Generation Angus NZ.  In case they talked  too much about Rugby, we made sure our friend - wallaby Tom Bowman was there to give us a hand.

Jo organised a lovely lunch in our  garden at Keera.  They had a look at our replacement pregnant  K Heifers. Sires -  including  Booroomooka Galileo G501 and Booroomooka Barnaby E246 were on display. We then drove out through the dusty hills to Denny Springs  yards and showed them some of our cows. A lovely surprise to see some familiar faces in the group, including Katherine and Hazel, who many years ago were in the Angus  Youth Exchange.

Feedback  included :  "Great to see a commercially focused seedstock herd and to look at real cattle being run under real conditions"  and "Gee G501 is an impressive bull"