2019 BULL SALE – 236 Herd Book Registered High Quality Angus Bulls are to sell on Friday 16th August at 12 noon.

Again we have worked hard to give you a quality choice of predictable bulls, from our proven breeding programme. Our strong commitment to increase marbling and have good growth has helped increase the demand for Booroomooka Angus sired progeny. Years of performance recording and selection of cattle with high carcase quality is being rewarded.


This year we celebrate 94 years of breeding registered Angus Cattle. Our family has a long term commitment to the improvement of the Angus Breed and our integrity is never compromised. The Booroomooka Cow Herd is unique, developed on our hilly native grass country. The cows are resilient - adapted to cope with lower quality native grasses and seasonal fluctuations. They are not delicately managed, they need to be productive with good doing ability. Our functional fertile cow herd is imperative to the success of our bull customers.


236 High Quality sons of Industry Leading Sires are to sell. This year, you have a quality choice of 35 sons of the legend bull EF Complement. His progeny exhibit heaps of muscle with strong tops, depth and capacity. He has lovely functional daughters that have exceptional udder quality. He combines superior calving ease, growth and big EMA, positive fats and good marbling.


Exciting new sires of the sale bulls include:


Esslemont Lotto (15 sons)

Exciting new sire with high muscle and top 1% marbling, with very good doing ability. Top 3% for both growth and fertility. Top 1% for Carcase weight, $ABI and $HGI. Bulls display heaps of thickness, shape and are packed with muscle.


GAR Prophet (25 sons)

Prophet is one of the highest proven marbling sires in the USA and ranks in the top 1% for marbling in Australia. He bends the growth curve, being below breed average for birth weight and in the top 1% for 400day Weight. Progeny are quiet with slick coats.


Other sires include : Matauri Reality (20 sons), Te Mania Emperor (21 sons), Booroomooka Kingy K9 (18 sons), Ayrvale Bartel E7 (14 sons), Millah Murrah Loch Up (14 sons) and Booroomooka Janus (10 sons).


If you have any questions about the sale bulls please contact Sinclair Munro on 0427 236622 or email keera@activ8.net.au