2019 Booroomooka Angus Bull Sale

236 High Quality Black Angus Bulls have been catalogued for The Booroomooka Angus Annual Bull Sale which is to be held on Friday 16th August at 12 noon

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Photos of selected bulls:

   Lot 12 NGMN85                                                                                   Lot 17 NGMN76

   Lot 19 NGMN139                                                                                   Lot 27 NGMN135

   Lot 31 NGMN328                                                                                   Lot 34 NGMN187

   Lot 40 NGMN106                                                                                   Lot 58 NGMN401

   Lot 60 NGMN288                                                                                   Lot 69 NGMN297

   Lot 71 NGMN540                                                                                   Lot 72 NGMN405

   Lot 73 NGMN221                                                                                   Lot 76 NGMN395

   Lot 78 NGMN300                                                                                   Lot 81 NGMN240

   Lot 89 NGMN393                                                                                   Lot 92 NGMN236

   Lot 93 NGMN236                                                                                   Lot 98 NGMN122

   Lot 99 NGMN167                                                                                   Lot 201 NGMN264

   Lot 202 NGMN319